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Salt Odyssey Geräuchertes Meersalz mit Oregano und Sesam Note


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Produkt enthält: 150 g

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Certified organic, unrefined, without iodine, without flow improvers, without anticaking agents, Greek origin sesame, salt and herbs

Use: Use it in cooking instead of broth cubes or flavor your salads, pasta or potatoes.

Description:  A superior clean, fresh and certified organic sea salt combining the aromatic flavors of the Mediterranean herbs with the fantastic taste of the grilled sesame seeds.

Awarded with platinum medal at Olymp awards 2016 as well as 1 star at Great taste awards, this versatile and delicious salt will be your best friend in the kitchen.

The perfect, put-it-on-everything ingredient that we have created can be used instead of broth cubes in every cooked or baked recipe, flavor your salads, or give its wonderful Mediterranean taste at pasta and potatoes

Awards:  OLYMP 2016 Platinum,  OLYMP 2016 Top 20,  GREAT TASTE 2016 1 Star,  iTQi 2017 2 stars, GREAT TASTE 2020 1 star