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Salt Odyssey Geräuchertes Meersalz mit Paprika Note


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Produkt enthält: 150 g

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All natural, NO artificial smoke flavorings added, only natural cold smoking

Use: Seasons legumes, meat, soy, potatoes, eggs

Description:  A luxurious, traditionally produced, smoked and dried paprika is mixed with our beloved Messolonghi sea salt using a special method, to create one of the most delicious salts available.

With its perfectly balanced flavor and extraordinary color, this award winning salt will make your taste buds craving for more!

Take advantage of its exceptional flavor notes to season legumes, meat, soy, potatoes, eggs

Awards: OLYMP 2016 Gold, OLYMP 2016 Top 20, GREAT TASTE 2017 1 Star, GREAT TASTE 2020 1 star